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Cointed files bankruptcy petition

10.10.2018 | Themen: , , ,
Steffen Hartmann 10.10.2018

Tyrolean crypto company Cointed on the verge of collapse? At the end of September 2018, Cointed filed for bankruptcy. CLLB represents injured customers Berlin/Munich 08.10.18: For a long time there was speculation, anxiety and hope. Now it’s official: The Tyrolean crypto currency company Cointed has filed an application for the opening of bankruptcy proceedings before […]


ICO der Envion AG – Lawyer’s deadline expired without result

08.08.2018 | Themen: , , , ,
Istvan Cocron 08.08.2018

CLLB Rechtsanwälte files first lawsuits for investors from the Envion ICO against Envion AG and other responsible persons at the Berlin Regional Court Switch to German Switch to Spanish Switch to French Berlin, Munich, 08.08.2018 As already reported in the press, Matthias Woestmann, IT forensic expert of the Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) was commissioned by […]


BTraders refuses to pay out to investors

06.08.2018 | Themen: , , ,
Istvan Cocron 06.08.2018

CLLB Rechtsanwälte sets last period for disbursement – platform for investors not to reach Munich, 3 August 2018: The boom in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and others has also attracted black sheep who are trying to cheat investors. Apparently there are also some inconsistencies on the BTraders trading platform. Investors can no longer reach […]


Cointed still under pressure

02.08.2018 | Themen: , , ,
Steffen Hartmann 02.08.2018

Another search of the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna, search for new investors for Cointed probably difficult, investors are concerned Munich, Berlin August 2, 2018: The Austrian start-up Cointed is still under pressure. Only on Tuesday of last week, the Austrian Public Prosecutor for Economics and Corruption conducted another search of the premises of Cointed […]


Disagreements at Concensum

30.07.2018 | Themen: , , ,
Istvan Cocron 30.07.2018

Concensum, formerly Copytrack, has apparently made inaccurate statements in its white paper and may have deceived investors. CLLB attorneys represents damaged Investors Munich, Berlin 27.07.2018: Another planned success story on the crypto market does not seem to meet investors‘ expectations. Concensum, formerly Copytrack, is a company that prosecutes copyright infringements on images on the Internet. […]


Payment difficulties at Cointed.com

12.07.2018 | Themen: , , , ,
Istvan Cocron 12.07.2018

Customers of Krypto-Exchange Conted.com report canceled orders and missing withdrawals, investors are concerned Munich, Berlin 12.07.2018: What began in 2015 with an innovative idea and big plans is now turning into a nightmare for investors of the Cointed company. Cointed is not leaving the negative headlines. Everything started with a good idea. Cointed wanted to […]


Investors of Envion – ICO still unsettled

05.07.2018 | Themen: , , , ,
Istvan Cocron 05.07.2018

Management Board of Envion AG contacts investors by email and lays accusations against the founders – CLLB Rechtsanwälte prepares lawsuits for investors of Envion AG Berlin, Munich, July 5th 2018 Even though Envion has not reacted to the out-of-court letters of formal notice from investors of the ICO, CEO M.Woestmann again address the investors by […]


Scandal at Envion AG

22.06.2018 | Themen: , , , ,
Istvan Cocron 22.06.2018

Deadline to respond expires without success – CLLB Rechtsanwälte prepare first lawsuits against Envion AG and other responsible persons Berlin, Munich, 19.06.2018 As already reported in the press, the Executive Board of Envion AG, Matthias Woestmann, commissioned forensic IT experts Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), to investigate the circumstances surrounding the 40 million extra tokens produced. […]


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