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When are employer premiums deducted from the minimum wage?

28.10.2018 | Themen:
Istvan Cocron 28.10.2018

Many employees ask themselves whether premiums paid by the employer are „minimum wage effective“. In its ruling of 8 November 2017, the 5th Senate of the Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht) ruled under file number 5 AZR 692/16 that at least certain bonuses are effective as minimum wages if the employer also rewards the work performance […]


Frequently asked questions about the minimum wage

25.10.2018 | Themen:
Istvan Cocron 25.10.2018

We have summarised the most frequently asked questions on the subject of minimum wages for you here. 1. What is the statutory minimum wage? Since 01.01.2017 the legal minimum wage is € 8,84 per hour. From 01.01.2019 the statutory minimum wage will be raised to € 9.19 per hour. 2. Who is entitled to the […]