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Customers of Krypto-Exchange report canceled orders and missing withdrawals, investors are concerned

Munich, Berlin 12.07.2018: What began in 2015 with an innovative idea and big plans is now turning into a nightmare for investors of the Cointed company. Cointed is not leaving the negative headlines.

Everything started with a good idea. Cointed wanted to offer an easy way to exchange crypto currency into FIAT currency or vice versa. A total of 100 ATMs, mainly in Austria, were set up for this purpose. The company also operates a crypto exchange platform.

At the end of 2017, the company conducted an ICO and raised approximately $4.4 million to expand into green mining.

Shortly afterwards, the problems began with Cointed. Payment orders from customers were cancelled for no apparent reason. Support inquiries were answered only sporadically or not at all.

Investigations by the public prosecutor’s office against Optioment revealed connections to Mr Christopher Rieder, a founder of Cointed. In the meantime, the company has dissociated itself from Mr Christopher Rieder.

In early June 2018, Cointed announced on Facebook the closure of its crypto-exchange and justified this with technical problems and hacker attacks.

Since then, Cointed customers have been trying in vain to get their money back from the company. Only with the help of a lawyer does the company seem to be able to respond to payment requests from customers.

In the meantime, the Cointed Token is no longer tradable on the relevant crypto trading platforms; a value of the Cointed Token cannot be determined.

Investors concerned should have their legal claims examined by a specialist lawyer for capital market law. The Kanzlei CLLB supports concerned investors with the penetration of their requirements.


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